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19th April 2018

Do you have damaged battery wraps? No need to run the risk of dangerous batteries with tears and rips on your wraps. Replace them with high quality and fashionable ODB Wraps.

Whenever you remove your batteries to charge them make sure that you check the plastic wrapping on the battery thoroughly for any nicks or damage. If you can see any tears or metal exposed, you must replace the wrap straight away as placing this in your device may cause the battery to create a hard short which will cause the battery to vent and could cause it to explode. You can purchase ODB battery wraps on our site and it is a very simple process of removing the old wrap (making sure you keep the positive insulator ring) and sliding the new piece of heat shrink tubing on it and using a hair dryer to slowly warm the wrap until it has shrunk all the way around the battery. Leave the battery to cool and your good to go! When removing the old battery wrap always work from the negative end of the battery and never use any metal or sharp object near or around the positive terminal on the top of the battery, this could cause a short on the battery and could have serious consequences.
If you don't feel confident enough to do this yourself, just bring your batteries into the shop and we can fit your new wraps for you.